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 Life Member

Becoming a Life Member exemplifies a commitment  to not only the Association, but to the future.  Our members, sponsors and donors are committed to planting a tree that will bring shade to the future generation.

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Mr. Clyde Goode &
Mrs. Vernell Sandra Goode

Clyde E. Goode, Jr, ASU 1965 married to Vernell Sandra Goode for 59 years.  They have 6 children, 16 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren.  Clyde went to play football for ASU when their we NO scholarship to players. He did not let that stop him on and off the field.  He also got an education. He was proud to be a Hornet.  He was an awesome talent, he played both defensive back and running back and an other position needed to win the game.  When he was not playing football or in the classroom, he ran track. He was a natural sprinter that ran the 100 YARD DASH (no meters) in 9.5 seconds.  Clyde was just scrolling the ASU website and came across the F Phi B Alumni Association and decided to join.  He loved the idea of connecting the past players to our current and future players.

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Rosette family.jpg
Rosette family.jpg

Everett Rosette

Everett has an amazing family, that means the world to him.  His beautiful wife 's name is Lydia and they have 3 wonderful children: Jett (4), Juliette (2) and Jaxton (5 Months). He met his Lydia while traveling in Germany, so naturally they love to travel and spend time with their family members around the world.  Everett's commitment to family is invaluable and is demonstrated everyday by his determination to plant a tree today that will provide shade to our future generation.

F  Φ B

Everett embodied our Battle Cry throughout his time as an offense guard for the Mighty Hornets. He knew his brothers depending on him to do his job and that he expected the same from each of them. He will tell you that he was just one part of a bigger picture, so he challenges us to continue to paint the picture.

"This is the Beginning of a New Day"

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