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The Creed

This is the beginning of a new day. God has given us this day to use as we will. We can waste it or use it for good, for what we do today is important, we exchange a day of our life for it, we want it to be good not bad, gain not loss, success not failure, in order that we never regret the price we paid for it. This is the beginning of a new day.



The Bama State F phi B Alumni Association is an organization committed to serving and improving the Alabama State University football program. Our football program has helped countless young men come together and work towards achieving a common goal. 


Our time at ASU has helped shape many of us into the men we are today. We’ve all sweat, bled, and fought together. From two-a-day practices in 100-degree weather, the constant banging on each other day in and day out, from the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. We are all bonded by this one way or the other. 

The Bama State F phi B Alumni Association looks to strengthen that bond by coming together once again and carrying the program forward through our dedication and organized effort to support. That is why we are asking for you to join as a member. We have already begun to link generations of Hornets together through our Association and current members, and hope to continue in that spirit with your help. 

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